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"Going Blonde" is often referred to as a journey. For most current Blonde tones (Icy, Platinum, Pal, Violet, and Gray) several stages of lift are required. This process can be time-consuming, and costly. It is important that these steps be done properly to avoid significant damage.


On this page, you will find two useful picture guides as well as a video to help understand the journey. The picture guides will help identify your current hair tone, and how many processes it may take to achieve your Blonde Goal.


Consultations are free and recommended. During a consultation, you can determine an approximate price range of the investment and analyze the current health of your hair to see if this is or is not a safe option for you.

This is an example of the seven stages of Lift that
Khloe Kardashian experienced to achieve her icy locks.

To schedule a Consultation, please call: 


This is an example of several stages of lift from Black to Blonde. A general pricing structure is included. This complete process is achieved over the course of several visits 

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