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“Make it a Better World” has been my tag line for the past 10 years. This saying encompasses the many causes we stand for. There are many Diseases, Syndromes, Disorders, and real-life situations that surround us within our community. IT IS our ROLE to help those through life’s clouds. We have been successful in helping raise over $250,000 through the years.


We participate in everything from Collecting money, costumes, gowns, blankets, toys, and food to shedding light on community members around us in need.


We have learned a lot about the many diseases, disorders, syndromes and challenges many within our community face on a daily basis.


Nearly 114,000 people are currently awaiting a life-saving transplant. We thank the many spirits that have stepped forward sharing their stories. 


Approximately 38.4% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes. We support various Cancer organizations including The Magee Women’s Cancer Research Institute, The Young Adult Survivors United organization, Hair Peace Charities & the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.