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Trials are recommended 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding day. Saturdays are generally a busier day at the Studio, and therefore book quickly. Please give advance notice to assure service for the day of your wedding. To schedule your Wedding Party, please call 412-367-2444, or contact us through the website. We Look forward to meeting you!

*Wedding cancellations must be made one full week in advance to avoid payment.


Wedding Day: Hair & Makeup Checklist


1) Book your make up trial so you know exactly how you will look on you wedding day. Try as many colours as you need to be confident you love the final effect. Photograph the result so you can look back and reassure yourself that you are extremely happy.

2) Book an appointment with your beautician for 1 week before the wedding day for any waxing and facials you may need.
3) Book a manicure and pedicure for a few days before your wedding day.
4) Be very careful to cleanse, tone and moisturize for the week prior to the wedding.
5) Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for the week prior to flush toxins out of your body and to hydrate your skin.
6) Moisturize your face lightly on the morning of the wedding.
7) Do not put any make up on- including cover stick… The Make Up Artist will do that all for you.
8) Try and have as much sleep in the week prior to the wedding to look and feel bright and refreshed and eliminate bags under your eyes and dark circles.
9) If you usually use Visine/eye drops pop some in.

Hair Musts

1) Book a hair trial.

2) Make sure the final style is perfect and photograph the ‘do’.
3) Book in and have your color and a trim done a 1-2 weeks before the wedding. Try not to make any drastic changes to either the color or the style that you might regret on the day and that may change the way your wedding hairstyle looks.
4) Wash and blowdry your hair the night before the wedding day. Make sure it is completely dry before arriving to the Studio

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